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Research and production enterprise MITEK Ltd ( Mykolaiv, Ukraine)

has been specializing in the field of magnetic-impulse engineering since 1993. RPE MITEK is the leading designer and unique producer of magnetic-impulse installations IM MITEK , designed for:
collapse of bridging, prevention and elimination of arching and ratholing in metal bins and hoppers;
cleaning and stripping the walls of metal bins, hoppers, silos, chutes and other surfaces from different hanging, sticking, freezing powder&bulk solids (iron-ore, bauxites, sintering mix, concentrate, limestone, burden, coal, coke, molding sand, cement, mixed fodders, flour, dried milk, sawdust, other loose granular substances and materials);
for shaking the hoses in bag collectors and electrodes of electric precipitators for the regeneration of filters.




29.12.2016 sertificate ISO9001:2015 was obtained

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19.12.2016 "Mykolaiv alumina refinery" gave a positive report on operation of magnetic-impulse installations IM produced by RPE "MITEK" Ltd

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15.12.2016 RPE MITEK Ltd. among the leaders of XXI century

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06.12.2016 Participation of RPE MITEK Ltd. in Exporting and importing activities under conditions of new challenges and priorities Seminar

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10.11.2016 RPE MITEK Ltd exporter of 2016 year

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01.11.2016 RPE "MITEK" Ltd took part in the exhibition Mining World Ukraine 2016

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Exporting and importing activities under conditions of new challenges and priorities


On the 6th of December, 2016 year the enterprise MITEK took part in the seminar dedicated to the issues concerning the rules changes and practice of international trade, aspects of commercial opportunities realization within the context of Agreement on free trade area between Ukraine and EU. It was held in Aleksandrovskiy business centre, Mykolaiv. The seminar means an implementation of partnership project between Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ukrsibbank.


The core target of the seminar consisted in introduction of participants to the advantages of using the Ukrainian free trade areas with other countries, advantages of general preferences mode, participation in foreign tenders as well as the risks minimization and economic security, banking instruments of financial backing for foreign economic activity.


The arrangement of similar seminars contributes to the solution of different problems relating to analysis of ways for activation in exporting and importing activities of Ukrainian companies as well as formation and consolidation of their international image.


After considering a wide range of issues a lively debate on the topical subjects took place. The additional questions for the lecturer of seminar were raised. Summing up the results of the event it should be noted that successful development of export and import destinations as of today mainly depends on compliance with world standards. In its turn, this provides additional impetus for the current upgrading of production capacity at our enterprise.





RPE "MITEK" realize

Design, production, delivery, installation, precommission, guarantee maintenance, post-warranty service on
IM installations.





Research and production enterprise MITEK Ltd
Address: 24-A, Yavornytsky str. Mykolaiv, 54018, Ukraine

Tel/fax: +380 (512) 212193
Tel/fax: +380 (512) 446185
Tel/fax: +380 (512) 495263






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