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Research and production enterprise MITEK Ltd ( Mykolaiv, Ukraine)

has been specializing in the field of magnetic-impulse engineering since 1993. RPE MITEK is the leading designer and unique producer of magnetic-impulse installations IM MITEK , designed for:
collapse of bridging, prevention and elimination of arching and ratholing in metal bins and hoppers;
cleaning and stripping the walls of metal bins, hoppers, silos, chutes and other surfaces from different hanging, sticking, freezing powder&bulk solids (iron-ore, bauxites, sintering mix, concentrate, limestone, burden, coal, coke, molding sand, cement, mixed fodders, flour, dried milk, sawdust, other loose granular substances and materials);
for shaking the hoses in bag collectors and electrodes of electric precipitators for the regeneration of filters.




16.08.2018 RPE "MITEK" Ltd. - exporter of 2017 year.

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31.05.2018 positive comments from JSC "Daltransugol" received

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08.02.2018 RPE "MITEK" celebrated 25th birthday!

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29.12.2017 Audit for quality management system correspondence (QMS) to ISO 9001:2015 requirements was successfully passed

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18.07.2017 Conformity certificate TR CU 004/2011 was obtained

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1.Kosice (Slovakia) , U.S. Steel , s.r.o Kosice, 2008 5 installations IM implemented on different objects of sintering plant.

2.Vjazma (Smolensk region., Russia) 2009 installation IM2-1,2-8 implemented, desighned for cleaning walls of drying chamber and cyclones on milk drier installation.

3.Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan), KazZinc ltd, 2009 - 2 installations IM4-1,6-8 for elimination of arching and hanging of materials in mixture bin of lead production delivered to customer.

4.Cherepovets (Russia), OJSC Ammophos 2006-2011 implemented 8 IM installations on area #1 and #2 of mineral fertilizer production.

5.Salihorsk (Belarus) OJSC Belaruskali, 2010-implemented IM5-1,8-16 installation on surface receiving bunker of deckhead building #2.

6.Yaroslavl (Russia), CJSC Kondor Eco, 2010 4 IM installations for dust collection bunkers delivered to customer.

7.Mednogorsk (Orenburg region, Russia) OJSC Copper-sulfur plant, 2010 4 installations IM for thermosyphons and for dust collection bunkers on PAP aggregate and on converters #2, #3 delivered to customer.

8.Karakan (Belovo distr.,Kemerovo region, Russia) OJSC Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company, 2011 delivered to customer 2 IM5-1,8-8 installations for bunkers of dressing works in open-pit mine Vinogradovskaya.

9.Kingisepp (Leningrad region,Russia), PG Phosphorit ltd, 2011 delivered to customer IM3-1,2-8 for unloading bunker with phosphohemihydrate.





RPE "MITEK" realize

Design, production, delivery, installation, precommission, guarantee maintenance, post-warranty service on
IM installations.





Research and production enterprise MITEK Ltd
Address: 24-A, Yavornytsky str. Mykolaiv, 54018, Ukraine

Tel/fax: +380 (512) 212193
Tel/fax: +380 (512) 446185
Tel/fax: +380 (512) 495263






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