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Research and production enterprise MITEK Ltd ( Mykolaiv, Ukraine)

has been specializing in the field of magnetic-impulse engineering since 1993. RPE MITEK is the leading designer and unique producer of magnetic-impulse installations IM MITEK , designed for:
collapse of bridging, prevention and elimination of arching and ratholing in metal bins and hoppers;
cleaning and stripping the walls of metal bins, hoppers, silos, chutes and other surfaces from different hanging, sticking, freezing powder&bulk solids (iron-ore, bauxites, sintering mix, concentrate, limestone, burden, coal, coke, molding sand, cement, mixed fodders, flour, dried milk, sawdust, other loose granular substances and materials);
for shaking the hoses in bag collectors and electrodes of electric precipitators for the regeneration of filters.




16.08.2018 RPE "MITEK" Ltd. - exporter of 2017 year.

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31.05.2018 positive comments from JSC "Daltransugol" received

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08.02.2018 RPE "MITEK" celebrated 25th birthday!

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29.12.2017 Audit for quality management system correspondence (QMS) to ISO 9001:2015 requirements was successfully passed

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18.07.2017 Conformity certificate TR CU 004/2011 was obtained

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RPE "MITEK" celebrated 25th birthday


We met 2018 year with confidence and pride as it marked itself to be a symbolic one for our enterprise right in this year RPE "MITEK" Ltd. came into the age of 25 years.


On the 8th of Fbruary 2018 year the another milestone was successfully passed 25 years of confident development and stable operation of organization. It implemented the fundamental idea of magnetic-impulse technology of cleaning the surfaces from hanging, sticking and freezing of bulk materials.


Everybody knows how difficult to be a pioneer in different unknown areas. To choose right way and adhere to the distinct course despite of unexpected obstacles and problems, always keep up with the rhythm of time and demands of market, endlessly solve incoming tasks. Very few people know that foundation of new enterprise was laid long before its official registration. The basis of RPE "MITEK" Ltd. rests upon knowledge and power dating back to the Soviet epoch of science and technique. The process of company establishment also underwent hardening in the Institute of impulse technologies of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Due to their knowledge and hard work our enterprise overcame all the complications and misfortunes, managed to survive in the times of economic crisis, obtained brilliant reputation of a reliable business-partner and producer of high quality product magnetic-impulse installations IM.


For RPE "MITEK" Ltd. 25 years experience extension and confident start for subsequent prosperity. And for the founders, standing at the steering wheel from the very beginning this means the whole epoch of foundation and development of a flagship of the magnetic-impulse technology where almost half a hundred high-skilled professionals toil today.


There was always an aspiration to become a leader and reference point for others. Now our products are in high demand being an example for competitors-followers. Hundreds of customers confide in us within almost all the branches of national economy starting from ore-mining and metallurgical combines to dairy plants and small confectionary factories. For present moment more than 550 magnetic-impulse installations IM were implemented and successfully operated across 12 countries of the world.


The backbone of successful and dynamic development of enterprise lies in perseverance and desire of company staff to get the work done as best and efficient as possibly could be. "MITEK" is always open to fruitful talks and mutually beneficial cooperation. The basic values of our enterprise consist in professionalism and team aspiration to constant self-improvement. RPE "MITEK" Ltd. - a friendly, close-knit family with a great and bright future.


On the occasion of "MITEK" birthday the company staff received congratulations as well as commemorative gifts. We are glad to share the positive emotions with you.




Celebrating the anniversary, on the behalf of our team we congratulate all our partners. Together we managed to create the enterprise with brilliant reputation. Our joint efforts enable RPE 'MITEK" to maintain a leader ranking in the field of bulk materials collapsing.





RPE "MITEK" realize

Design, production, delivery, installation, precommission, guarantee maintenance, post-warranty service on
IM installations.





Research and production enterprise MITEK Ltd
Address: 24-A, Yavornytsky str. Mykolaiv, 54018, Ukraine

Tel/fax: +380 (512) 212193
Tel/fax: +380 (512) 446185
Tel/fax: +380 (512) 495263






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